Mangaluru: Rain Effect – Five Flights Forced to be Diverted from City Airport

Mangaluru: Heavy rains on Thursday created visibility and landing problems for aircraft at the international airport in Kenjar on Thursday, June 4.

As a result, five flights which were to land were diverted elsewhere. Three flights were sent away to Kozhikode and two to Bengaluru. A domestic flight from Bengaluru to the city had to be cancelled.


A flight from Muscat to have landed 2 pm, another from Dubai at 5-30 pm – both Air India Express – and the third – a JetAir flight – from Abu Dhabi at 1-45 pm were forced to be diverted to Kozhikode.

A SpiceJet flight scheduled to land at 5-25 pm and an AIE flight from Doha to have landed at 7-30 pm too were sent to Bengaluru, according to airport sources.

As rain subsided by late in the evening on Thursday, flights are expected to be normal on Friday.

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