Mangaluru: Rousing Welcome to Winners at Asian Bench Press Championships Oman 2015

Mangaluru: The winners of the Asian Bench Press Championships Oman 2015 were given a rousing welcome at the Mangaluru Railway Station here, on October 9.

The Asian Bench Press and Powerlifting Championships Oman 2015 was held in Muscat from 1st to 6th October. Six participants won medals in the championship.

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Vivek Kamath and Satish Kumar won gold; Uday Kumar, Nayana Shriyan and Jayappa Lamani won silver medals and Vincent Prakash Carlo won the bronze medal.

After winning the medals in the championship in Oman, they returned to Mangaluru and were given a rousing welcome at the Mangaluru Raiway Station.

Vivek Kamath said that he is very happy to win the gold medal. He also said, “Many people have supported us to take part in the competition and we are really grateful for their support.”

All the winners were taken in a procession from the railway station.

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