Mangaluru: Rs 3 Lakh Transferred from NRI’s Account by Hacking E-mail

Mangaluru: Edwin Oliver Correa, an NRI holding an SB account with Canara Bank in Kuntikan, would have lost Rs 3 lakh to a conman who hacked his e-mail and sent a fake request to the bank to transfer the amount to his own account.

However, the culprit managed to pocket Rs 19,000 by the time the bank manager verified the authenticity of the request with Correa.

A stranger, by the name of Praveen Mishra, gained access to Correa’s personal e-mail account by hacking a few months ago and sent an instruction to G N Raghu, the manager of the bank to transfer Rs 3 lakh to Mishra’s account with Dena Bank in Maidangiri, New Delhi. The transfer was effected on Feb 14, 2015.

There was no reason for doubt, since Correa had sent e-mails to the bank earlier also. Yet, the manager, just to be on the sure side, phoned Correa to confirm the request. He replied that he had not requested for any transfer.

Raghu contacted the zonal office of Dena Bank to block Mishra’s account immediately which was done. But by then, he had already withdrawn Rs 19,000. Correa appears lucky with the feeling that the remaining part of the amount can be recovered.

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