Mangaluru: Senior Woman’s Gold Chain Snatched by Stranger near Kadri Toll Gate

Mangaluru: Many cases of chain-snatching have been reported in these columns during the past years. Senior women have been advised not to wear gold while moving around in remote areas.

It is often suggested that other members of the family create awareness among senior women in this matter. Yet, the practice continues and lonely women continue to be targeted by miscreants.

Karangalpady, Kadri and Shiva Bagh surroundings have witnessed quite a few such incidents in the recent past. In the latest reported case, Annie D’Costa (80) lost her gold while walking towards home on Monday.

Her house is said to be located in one of the lanes opposite the Kadri pumphouse near the toll gate. As she walked in the lane, a stranger snatched her 12-gm chain worth Rs 25,000 and escaped immediately before anyone could come to her help.

She has filed a complaint in the Kadri police station.

Never-ending chain!

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