Mangaluru: Short Payment of Rs 2 in Bus Fare Leads to Assault on Conductor in Kumpala

Mangaluru: How frivolous matters can be blown up to serious dimensions was proved in an incident at Kumpala on the outskirts on Sunday.

A young woman boarded a bus plying to Kumpala from the State Bank terminus. When Mahesh, the conductor, came to her to issue a ticket, she is said to have paid Rs 10. The conductor said that the regular fare was Rs 12 and demanded another Rs 2.

She refused to pay it and an argument followed. The conductor returned the ten rupees and told her to keep thme for herself. Feeling insulted, she got down from the bus half way through the journey.

When the bus reached Bagambila in Kumpala, it was stopped by two persons, Naveen and Shakti, said to be relatives of the young woman and also Bajrang Dal activists. They pulled Mahesh out of the bus and assaulted him with wooden clubs, eyewitnesses said.

Mahesh has been hospitalized. It is suspected that the woman, after getting off the bus, had phoned the two men. Yet, the motive may not be just the argument over Rs 2.

The passengers felt that it was a well-planned attack. Informed sources said that the assailants worked in another bus.

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