Mangaluru: Signs of Sorcery Found on Approach Road to Court Hill

Mangaluru: Some materials used in the act of sorcery were found at the bottom of an electric pole by the side of the road leading to the city’s court complex on Thursday morning.

Curious members of the public gathered in large numbers which created traffic problems. The police arrived and dispersed the crowds.

A broken coconut, bananas, turmeric powder, vermilion etc. were found by trespassers. They are suspected to have been placed sometime between 8 am and 9 am.

Those who spotted them gave different interpretations. The concreting of the road is to be taken up in the coming days. It might be an attempt to have the idea dropped. Some others said that some litigant in the court may have wished his case to succeed.

A few others suspected that since the electric pole was used, it had something to do with the energy minister’s episode with a consumer earlier during the week.

The police asked the public not to needlessly get worried over the incident.

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