Mangaluru: Snakebite Claims Two More Lives – Caution Need of the Hour

Mangaluru: Possibly because of increasing deforestation, reptiles have been moving into human habitat.

Among them, only some of them are venomous. Snake experts and physicians say that many of them are non-venomous and those bitten often die of fear and not because of venom.

But caution is necessary in moving about in green areas. On their own, the snakes are said to be harmless. They attack or react only when threatened or hurt.

Two more have died of snakebite this week. As reported already, Venkatesh (75) of Kukkundur near Karkala was lying in a critical state in Wenlock hospital after being bitten a snake on Jan 23. His condition worsened and he breathed his last in the early hours of Jan 27.

Gopal Nayak (35), son of Narayana Nayak of Kakve in Manila in Bantwal taluk, was bitten by a snake while working in the paddy field on Tuesday evening. He had not noticed it immediately.

After coming home, he was suddenly taken ill. By the time an ambulance arrived to take him to hospital, he had already died.

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