Mangaluru: St Aloysius PU College Student Noel Commits Suicide – ABVP demands Justice

Mangaluru: The ABVP staged a protest against the assistant director and warden of St Aloysius College Hostel at the college campus here, on October 1.

Noel Wally Mendonsa (17), son of Wally and Irene Mendonsa, was a native of Mumbai.

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Speaking to, one of the students said that three days ago, Noel stopped talking to other students and had shown a three page death note to others saying that he will commit suicide. On September 30, at around 9:00 pm, when his friends knocked at his room door, they found that the door was locked from inside. His roommate had also gone on leave on the same day and Noel was all alone in the room. When there was no response from Noel, the students informed the warden. When the warden peeped into the room through the ventilator, he saw a bedsheet hanging from the fan.

The warden immediately informed the Bunder police. The police arrived at the spot, lowered the body and sent it for post mortem. It is learnt that Noel’s mother stays in Mumbai and his father works in the gulf.

Speaking to, ABVP city secretary Nithesh said, “We have been trying to contact the assistant director but his mobile has been switched off. We were suspicious about the incident and when we enquired with the other students, they said that Noel was being tortured. Two days ago, he shown a death note to his classmates in which he had mentioned that he would commit suicide. Now the death note is missing. They alleged that the warden was torturing him and has threatened to dismiss him from the college. The warden should be arrested and questioned. If the police will not take action, we will intensify our protest.”

A case has been registered in the Bunder police station and the police are waiting for Noel’s parents to reach Mangaluru for the post mortem.

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  1. The behaviour of ABVP is disgraceful. Did Noel’s family authorize ABVP to speak or protest on behalf of the family? If the family did not authorize ABVP to speak or protest, ABVP should be ashamed to exploit a person’s death for it’s own purposes.

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