Mangaluru: Stones Pelted at Prayer-house near Bajpe – Third Such Incident So Far

Mangaluru: Javale Ismail, president of the Porkodi Idgah mosque near Bajpe, and others have filed a complaint at the Bajpe police station regarding a stone-throwing incident during the night intervening Nov 30 and Dec 1.

Miscreants pelted stones at the windows of the mosque between midnight and 4 am, it is suspected. The matter came to the devotees’ attention when they arrived for the early morning prayers on Tuesday.

The complainants have suspected that a steady attempt is being made to create disturbances in a quiet and harmonious atmosphere in the village.

This is the third instance of stone-pelting on the mosque in the recent past. Porkodi residents Achyut, Mokshit and others were alleged to have been involved in the past. But since no stringent action was taken against, such incidents are recurring, say the residents.

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