Mangaluru-Subrahmanya Train’s Bantwal Stopover Cut Short by Ten Mins

Puttur: The evening train from Mangaluru to Subrahmanya had a stopover of 12 minutes until now. The train leaving Mangaluru central at 6-25 pm arrived at Bantwal at 7 pm.

Stopping over for 12 minutes, it used to reach Puttur at 7-25 pm. This was regarded as a waste of time, as a result of which those alighting in Puttur and going to suburbs were inconvenience.

About 250 regular commuters launched a signature campaign and forwarded an appeal for a stopover of shorter duration at Bantwal.

In response to it, the Southeastern Railway has rescheduled the journey between Bantwal and Puttur.

Effective March 14, the stopover at Bantwal will last only 2 minutes, a reduction of 10 minutes. With this change, the train will reach Puttur ten minutes earlier.

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