Mangaluru: Suspected Revenge Act – Attempt on Rickshaw Driver’s Life at Attavar

Mangaluru: A gang of three or four assaulted a rickshaw driver with swords at Attavar on late night on Wednesday .

Gurudatt Nayak, the target of the attack, narrowly escaped, but sustained injuries in the left arm, shoulder and back. He has been admitted to a private hospital.

The autorickshaw was in a parked condition. The culprits came close to him. Before he could ask them what they wanted, they drew the sword which they held behind their backs and began flashing them at him.

When he tried to protect himself, he got injured in the hand, shoulder and back. He saved himself by taking shelter in the hospital compound nearby.

He would have got a severe injury in the thigh, but for his mobile phone in the pocket, which served as a shield. The phone was smashed to pieces.

The Pandeshwar police are investigating the case. They are looking at the angle if it was a revenge act in retaliation for the Attavar immoral goondaism act that took place two days earlier.

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