Mangaluru: Talk on ‘Alzheimer’s’ and ‘Dementia’ by Jerardin D’Souza organized by AGE on July 28

Mangaluru: According to a press release from AGE- a NGO, a informative talk will be delivered by Er Jerardin D’Souza-Founder of Mangalore Alzheimer’s Association on the topic ” Alzheimer’s and Dementia” diseases, which will be at Sahodaya Hall,(KACES) Balmatta, Mangalore on Tuesday 28th July 2015, at 4.30 pm. The topics will surely prove to be of great practical use for a wide cross section of people, especially seniors. All are cordially welcomed. Please do come in large numbers.


About Alzheimer’s work:

Being Old is a natural process. There is tremendous wisdom and experience that comes with Age, which should be utilized. Keeping the Elders active will help in, preventing the delay in the onset of dementia.By helping the AD affected , youth can empathize and become sensitive human beings. We request the Schools and colleges to actively involve the youth in jointly doing activities, programs with Elders.

Our appeal is to be involved in supporting our elders.Use the ’Active Aging’ facilities at KMC and other points. Patronize your MAA and Help build the facilities for late stage AD persons. Youth should be Elder friendly in every way, vacate your seats in public transport for the Elders. Report any Elder Abuse you witness. Visit Old Age Homes and do what you can. Spend time with Elders and laugh with them. Money is not the only thing that you can give. Give what you can, in your own way.

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