Mangaluru: Theft in Fajir Church – Prime Accused Arrested

Mangaluru: A theft had taken place in Fajir (Phajiru) church off Mangaluru University about two months ago.

Soon thereafter the Konaje police had arrested Azharuddin, Mushtaq, Afreez and Abdul Jaffer in this regard.

Now a fifth arrest has been made. Sahul Hameed, said to be the prime accused, was nabbed by the police on last week. CCTV footage from the system installed in the church is said to have helped the police to arrest them.

Another two are still to be absconding and the police are looking for them.

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  1. The thief’s judgement might have gone wrong. The thieves have been caught, some abscond, some are habitual and never get caught.

  2. “Azharuddin, Mushtaq, Afreez, Abdul Jaffer, Saul Hameed….” – Report

    See, we knew all along that ‘sangha parivaara’ was behind church attacks and thefts!! smiles…I sincerely apologize to geniuses in ‘Beef Club’ and ‘secular’ parties. LOL

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