Mangaluru: Theft in Bajpe Supermarket by Breaking Open Exhaust Fan

Mangaluru: Thieves targeted a supermarket located in the heart of the town on Saturday night took away cash and goods.

The way the theft was executed appeared professional. The front door and lock remained intact. The Family’s Supermarket is located on the basement floor, above which Internet Palace is operating.

The thieves may have studied the location and geography of the building well beforehand. They arrived by the narrow pathway behind the building. Then they seem to have broken open the exhaust fan located at a height of 8 feet by using a handle bar.

They sneaked into the supermarket through the same hole and got back the same way. This has made the job of the fingerprint experts difficult.

They took away sweets and chocolates of high-end brands and Rs 30,000. Thereafter they broke open the door of Internet Palace and took away two expansive watches.

The handle bar and a towel left behind by the culprits were found lying around.

As a safeguard against lightning, the CCTV system and the Internet connection is being shut off during nights. This could have been done persons who were aware of this. Since the CCTV did not function, tracing the culprits could be difficult, said the police.

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