Mangaluru: Thieves Break into Bhootanatheshwara Temple in Badaga Yedapadavu

Mangaluru: Thieves broke into the inner precincts of Shastavu Shri Bhoota-natheshwara temple in Badaga Yedapadavu on Saturday night.

The incident came to light when the temple priest arrived to open the temple as routine on Sunday around 5 am. The temple had been locked around 10-30 in the night

Some silver materials and collected money in boxes have been taken away. A knife and Pan Parag spitting marks have been found around the spot.

The empty collection box and a brass plate were found thrown in a drain nearby. Two railway platform tickets dated Jan 15 were also found with them.

The quantum of collection is not known as it was a locked box. The total loss has been put at Rs1.50 lakh.

The canine squad held an investigation and there was a clear indication that the thieves arrived by a vehicle and also left by it.

The CCTV system installed inside and outside were out of functions when the act took place, said the police.

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