Mangaluru: Thieves Target Several Christian Houses during Pre-nuptial Ceremonies

Mangaluru: Thieves operating in the district seem to be far advanced in their modus operandi, technologically savvy and also worldly wise.

Their knowledge of technology is proved by the fact that in most cases of theft, the very first act of theirs is disconnection of CCTV cables.

On the other hand, they seem to make a keen study of movement of people in smaller towns. Currently, it is the season of weddings, esp., in the Christian community.

The traditional ‘roce’ ceremony held a day or two before the marriage has more meaning and sentiments attached to it, since it is an occasion for close family members get to meet each other, whereas the wedding ceremony does not afford much time for individual attention from the hosts.

Therefore it is a practice among relatives to lock their homes and attend the ‘roce’ function in full quorum. This seems to be considered a boon by miscreants.

Because of the loud music played and the absorbing mood of merriment, those at the venue would not know what happened at the very next door. in the last one month period, the surroundings of Bajpe have witnessed a large number of thefts.

The miscreants have taken advantage of the absence in the houses while they had gone to attend the events. A number of cases were reported from many Christian houses in Sunkadakatte, Ambika Nagar, Kateel Road and the like.

The guests usually return to their homes around 11 pm. The time between 9 pm and 10-30 pm is utilized by the thieves to go for a loot.

The matter has been reported to the police. The finger of suspicion is pointed at a person recently went around from house to house with a small boy, seeking financial help because the little one did not have a mother. The visits are used to study the location and convenience to steal.

The police are said to have to identified some persons involved and are hopeful of nabbing him soon.

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