Mangaluru: Towards Empowerment – Lecturer Rasheeda Banu Jumps into ZP Election Fray

Mangaluru: The Panchayat Raj system has given the citizens ample chances of empowerment, esp., to the depressed classes and women.

The legislation allowing decentralization of power has enabled a number women and members of the backward classes to ascend in political stature and prove their worth.


As part of this process, a woman lecturer, hailing from a minority community, has decided to try her luck in politics.

Rasheeda Banu, daughter of taluk panchayat Muhammed Mustafa of Malar, Harekala on the city’s outskirts, is a post-graduate in Political Science.

Her father being a role model for her, for long she had harboured a dream of carving out a niche for herself in the political field. Representing the marginalized classes of the society has been her keen desire.

It is her aim to ensure education to everyone, who could attain self-reliance and thus prove to be an asset to the nation. She feels that the children of the poor should get better facilities, and women should be empowered to stand on their own which would ultimately ensure social development.

After her post-graduate studies in 2012, Rasheeda worked as a guest lecturer in Field Marshal Cariappa College in Madikeri for two years. Currently she teaches at Syed Hazrat Women’s Degree College in Ullal. Sh is married to engineer Muhammed Twaha and they have a child.

The Indian National Congress party has given her ticket to contest the zilla panchayat election from Konaje. This should encourage other educated women to come forward to take to politics.

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