Mangaluru: Tree Uproots and Falls on Auto at Pandeshwar – Three Injured

Mangaluru: An auto driver and two passengers were injured after a tree fell on their auto at Pandeshwar here, on November 12.

According to an eyewitness, when Mohammed Iqbal (driver) was taking the passengers in his auto to Mulihithlu on Pandeshwar Road, near the Forum mall, a huge tree uprooted and a branch fell on the auto. Two women passengers and the auto driver were injured. All the three were rushed to a nearby hospital. They are said to be out of danger.

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The eyewitness also said that there are a number of huge trees on both sides of the road and the roots of these trees have been cut off or damaged due to the construction work in the area. There is fear that these trees may uproot anytime causing injury and loss of life. Fortunately, when the tree uprooted at around 3:00 pm, there was very less traffic on the road. Last year a huge tree had uprooted in the same place causing damage to the compound wall of a house.

The concerned authorities should take preventive measures and trim down dangerous trees in the area since a number of vehicles move on this route and school children regularly use this road to go to school.

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