Mangaluru: Two Arrested for Drunken, Wayward Driving and Assault on Cop on Duty

Mangaluru: Vivekananda Pal (38) of Urwa and Kishore (38) of Bajpe were arrested by the Barke police on Sunday for traffic violation and assault on a policeman.

Around 4-30 pm, a team of police was taking a few inmates from the district jail to the court. They observed a car in front of them moving about in a wayward manner posing hazards to other vehicles and pedestrians. They informed the police control room.

On receiving the message, a PCR vehicle arrived from the Barke police station and intercepted the car at the Besant circle. Pal and Kishore who were in the car got down from it and picked up an argument with Pradeep, the policeman in the PCR interceptor car. They are also said to have assaulted him and obstructed him while doing his duty.

They both were arrested and produced in court and were sent to judicial custody. Pal earlier worked as a software staff in an online firm but currently unemployed. Kishore works for a medical equipment supply firm.

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