Mangaluru: Two Found Dead on Railway Tracks in Separate Instances

Mangaluru: Two persons were found dead on the railway tracks in separate cases in Ullal in Mangaluru taluk and another near Subrahmanya on Tuesday.

The first one is thought to be a mishap while the second could be a case of suicide. Abbas Bagambila, who was on his way from Thokkottu to his daughter’s house in Bagambila, had reached the railway track.

After waiting for the train to pass on one of the tracks, he crossed into the second one. At that very moment, another train arrived on the parallel track from the opposite direction, which he did not notice.

He was hit by it and got thrown away over a distance. He is thought to have died on the spot.

The police identified him on the basis of a photograph found in his pocket. His body has been kept in the Wenlock hospital mortuary.

In the second instance, Gangadhar Gowda (50) of Balyadi near Yedamangala was found dead on the Puttur-Hassan track. Informed sources said he was addicted to alcohol and had attempted to end his life a few times.

He may have been hit by a running train while walking along the track without realizing the arrival of it or may have lay down to commit suicide, they said.

A case has been registered at the Subrahmanya police station.

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