Mangaluru: Two Run Away Girls Rescued by Child Line Personnel

Mangaluru: Child-Line 1098-Mangaluru personnel on Wednesday haverape rescued two girls from KSRTC main bus station and Mangaluru Central Railway Station respectively and handed them over to child welfare committee. Both these girls had left their respective homes and landed here in the City. While one of the girl, aged 12, hailing from Dharwad district landed at the KSRTC bus station, the other girl, aged 17, landed at the Central Railway station having arrived there in a train from Delhi.

Mangaluru Child Line sources reveal that, the 12-year-old was found alone in the bus stand and was on her way to Hubballi. On a call by a KSRTC staff, Child Line personnel reached the bus stand and brought her before the Child Welfare Committee. On enquiry, the girl had stated that she was being harassed by the owner of the house where she worked and so she decided to run away. But the girl has been reluctant in revealing the name of the house owner where she worked or details about her family members. She has been given counselling.

The 17-year old girl was found on the platform of Mangaluru Central Railway Station. A railway platform shop owner, noticing this girl wandering on the platform in a confused nature, alerted the Child-Line personnel, who arrived and rescued the girl. On enquiry they found out that she hails from New Delhi, and later produced her before the Child Welfare Committee. According to the girl’s statement, she has been harassed physically and mentally by her elder sister in New Delhi and so she decided to board a train, and landed up in Mangaluru. She is yet to be put on counselling.

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