Mangaluru: Unable to Overcome Grief, Deceased Usha Shetty’s Mother Ends Life

Mangaluru: Shambhavi (55), a resident of Bajal and mother of Usha Shetty whose body was found in a semi-charred state in Yekkar near Bajpe on Dec 18 last, was found dead in a well near their house on Wednesday morning.

Her daughter Usha Shetty, a working woman with a child, was found dead in suspicious circumstances. Ever since, her mother had been so grief-stricken that she remained a recluse without coming out of the house nor talking to anyone.

Usha, employed with Mandovi Motors in the heart of the city, had gone missing on Dec 17 and her body was found in Yekkar the next day. Although it is being thought to be a case of suicide, it is still shrouded in mystery, as already reported.

On Tuesday night, Shambhavi is suspected to have quietly walked out of the bedroom without disturbing her husband and jumped into the well.

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