Mangaluru University scraps new exam rules, students protest

Udupi: The student associations staged a protest against the Mangaluru University for scrapping its amendment on allowing students to take supplementary examinations for even semesters with odd semesters and vice-versa. The protest was organized in-front of the Clock Tower here on March 28.

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The academic council of Mangaluru University had amended the regulations of credit based semester allowing supplementary examinations for even semesters along with odd semesters and vice-versa. This relaxation was widely praised by the students as it came as a boon for the students who couldn’t make up in the sixth semester, could appear for exams in three months.
Earlier the regulations did not allow students to appear immediately for even semesters if they had failed in odd semesters and vice-versa.
Rahul K M said that after all blunders in declaring the results; Mangaluru University has let down the students with scrapping the regulation. Students who fail in the sixth semester have to wait for a year to appear for the supplementary examinations. Many students have paid fees for MBA entrance examination which with the scrapping of amendment to regulation has made it difficult for them. The University has also hiked examination fees from rupees 180 to 380 which is condemnable, he added.
Another student quoted “Mangaluru University says it is best among other universities, but the irregularities in the declaration of results, and scrapping of the regulation indicates its efficiency”.
Bhavanth Poojary, President of All College Students Union said that they will be submitting a memorandum to the Governor of Karnataka through Udupi Deputy Commissioner Dr R Vishal IAS.
Students from PPC College, MGM College and Milagres College participated in the protest.

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