Mangaluru: Valencia Trader’s Bag Containing Valuables Worth Rs 1.08 Lakh Stolen

Mangaluru: Walter D’Souza, who runs a mobile recharging outlet in the Sequeira building in Valencia, lost a bag containing valuable to a snatcher on Monday night.

He was in the process of locking his shop after business on his way home. For the sake of safety, he had put some valuables and cash in a bag to take it with him.

He had just placed it on his scooter. By the time he lowered the shutter and locked the shop, the bag had been snatched and taken away by some unidentified person. The incident is said to have taken place within a fraction of a minute.

In a complaint to the Pandeshwar police station, D’Souza has stated that the bag contained seven mobile phones and a recharge demo set of total value Rs 28,500 and Rs 80,000 in cash.

The police have registered a case and are investigating the matter.

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