Mangaluru: Vehicle Jatha Flagged off in Support of Labour Class, All India Bundh on Sept 2

Mangaluru: The CITU in association with BMS, INTUC, AITUC and HMS held a vehicle jatha from the DC office here, on August 24.

The vehicle jatha was flagged off by the president of AITUC H V Rao. Addressing the members of various associations, Rao said that in this country the labour class is the most exploited class. The union government led by Modi had promised to bring various schemes for the development of the labour class and also assured to discuss the issues of the farmers. But after coming to power, Modi forgot all his promises. To please the corporate world, Modi brought the anti-farmer policies. They do not have any rights in their own property. The government is encouraging foreigners to invest in India, he said.

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He further said that on September 2, the labour class will stage a protest all over the country which will include bank employees, insurance employees, shop employees, hotels, BSNL and industries. The government is bringing anti-labour law and trying to initiate disinvestment in public sector enterprises. All the labour associations will stage a massive protest unitedly against the government.

He said, “The government had promised to discuss about the proposed amendments to the labour laws with the labour associations but without any discussions, the government is bringing new labour laws which are more pro-corporate and anti-worker.”

He also said that the associations oppose the disinvestment of public sector undertakings and FDI in defense production, railways and insurance. “The funds which were reserved for the social welfare, health and education have also been decreased in the budget. The people are deprived from getting ration; day by day the price of daily commodities are increasing and people are facing problems in leading normal lives. In the international market, the oil price has drastically decreased but in India the government has permitted oil companies to sell their products at high rates. Owners have given the authority to terminate the employees and reappoint new workers as they wish. The working hours have been increased from 8 hours to 14 hours.

President of CITU Vasanth Achary, Sunil Kumar Bajal, Balakrishna Shetty, Vasudev Kukkiyan, Karunakar, Jayanthi and others were also present.

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