Mangaluru: Weapons and Bikes Found at Saripalla – Two Flee from Spot

Mangaluru: Machetes along with two bikes were found by youth at Saripalla, Kulshekar here, on August 24.

According to the police, when the youth of the area were playing, they found two bikes parked in a remote area. After getting near to bikes, they thought that their owners must be close by and continued to search the area. While they were searching for the owners of the bikes, they found machetes, a iron rod and a sickle lying at some distance from the bikes.

Further they found a tent in which two persons were resting inside. On seeing the youth,the persons in the tent immediately fled from the spot.

The police were at once informed. The immediately reached the spot and seized the vehicles and the weapons. Search is on for the persons who had set up the tent.

It is suspected that these individuals were planning a crime. The Kankanady police have registered a case in this regard.

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