Mangaluru: Woman Loses Valuables Worth Rs 1.50 Lakh in Kavoor Restaurant

Mangaluru: Extreme care is to be exercised when moving about alone these days. This applies to women in particular.

Varija (60) of Panjimogaru is a member of a Dharmasthala-run self-help group. She borrowed Rs 1.30 lakh from its Suratkal office and arrived at Kavoor.

Here she went to the Karavali bank and redeemed some gold ornaments pledged by her on an earlier occasion. She put the gold in her vanity bag and went to have refreshments at Saptagiri restaurant.

She had placed her bag near her feet. While having gone to wash her hands, she left it there. Within a minute, when she returned, her bag was missing.

She has filed a complaint in Kavoor police station stating that it contained cash and valuables worth Rs 1.50 lakh. A case has been registered.

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