Mangaluru: Work Hard to Eliminate Corruption – MLA J R Lobo

Mangaluru: A felicitation programme for the members who had won in the Gram Panchayat elections in the South block was held at St Joseph Vaz shrine Mudipu here on July 19.

After felicitating the gram panchayat members MLA Lobo said that, do not dream for big projects because in gram panchayat level it is not possible and do not give false assurances to the people.

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The people of the respective wards have elected you as their representatives and they have trust in you. In the five years of your tenure, you should meet the needs of the people with the help of politicians and party leaders thus gaining trust from the people. If anyone comes to you with their problems do not send them back, instead listen to their grievances and solve the problems. You may be criticized but you should have patience to listen and take it positively to be successful.

Lobo further said that, when he was working as a tahsildar, there was no word of “Corruption”, because at that time when politicians or any government officer committed small mistakes it was a big issue but now the word Corruption is common in the government department as well as in politics and no one is raising their voice against corruption. The newly elected gram panchayat members should work hard to eliminate corruption.

Director of the Catholic Sabha Fr J B Saldanha, President Group D Workers Frank Francis Cutinho and all the winners in Gram Panchayat elections were felicitated on the occasion.

Gerald D’Costa, Flavy D’Souza, Valerian D’Souza Majjikatte Pavoor, Paneer Parish Priest Vicar Dennis Moras Prabhu, MarcelD’Souza, Roshan D’Souza and others were also present.


  1. Mr. Lobo – this is wishful thinking. It will never happen unless capital punishment is imposed on both the givers and the receivers of bribe! Something that has taken deep roots over the last 50 years and something that is part of the culture today – may never change no matter how hard one tries. It won’t be too long before the government will have no money in its treasury to pay for the infrastructure as the new development with black money will surpass what the government can plan and fund. It is already happening to some extent – no water and no roads in newly developed areas!

  2. This guy was elected with so much hype. However, he has failed to deliver in Mangaluru. Not sure if forces of corruption are that big to defeat or he is simply a pacifist who wants to get along with everyone. Either way, both MLA and MP have failed mangaluru.

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