Mangaluru: Yet Another Auto Driver Proves Honesty Still Prevails, Returns Valuables

 The autorickshaw drivers’ community is often collectively blamed for overcharging and other practices.

But in emergencies, it is they who run to others’ aid or rescue. A small percentage of black sheep is present in every sector and they bring bad name to others as a whole.

Tilak Bangera (35), son of Narayana Safalya of Dharmanagar in Boliyar, operates an autorickshaw in the city. Last week he found a folder containing a passport, an Aadhaar card and other documents in front of the passport processing office at Kodialbail.

The persons who had lost the folder with documents had earlier searched for it all over and had gone back. Tilak took all the trouble to trace their address and returned it to the owners.

This should inspire other to practise honesty and integrity in life.

A Roll of Honour:

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