Mangaluru: Young Woman from C’magaluru Uses Deo-spray to Freshen Mouth, Dies of Effects

Mangaluru: Deodorant aerosols are popular with the younger generation these days.

But the TV commercials like the one which shows a bunch of females going after a male who uses a certain brand are ethically and morally wrong.


They convey a wrong message that women are cheap and stupid enough to be attracted merely by a men’s deodorant. The models who endorse such products with a despicable behaviour need to do some rethink in the matter.

Similarly men getting swayed or carried by the fragrance that a passing woman wearing some particular deo-spray spreads also creates a false mindset among women. This has given a big boost to the products in the market.

Nineteen-year-old Shubha (name changed) from Vastrara in Chikkamagaluru was getting ready at home to go out, possibly to attend a function, on Friday, Nov 13. She used the deodorant spray on herself. Since she wanted her mouth to smell fresh as well, she did something horrible.

She sprayed it into her mouth generously, without realizing its consequences. The chemicals got into her abdomen and she immediately complained of severe stomach-ache.

She was rushed to the district hospital and then to a private hospital. Still there was no improvement. She was then brought to the city and admitted to a private hospital here. In spite of best efforts, she succumbed to the effects on Monday.

Hospital sources said that had she been brought to them in the first place, her life could have been saved. But by the time she arrived here, the toxic effect had spread to the body and heart.

Dangerous over-use:

Inhaling chemicals from deodorant aerosols can cause skin reactions, aggravate allergies and may trigger fatal heart problems, said the doctors

According to a medical journal, around one in three adults in the UK have some form of allergic disease — asthma, rhinitis or eczema — and their symptoms are easily aggravated by perfumed products and exacerbated by aerosol chemicals.

It further says that even people without allergies can be sensitive to chemicals found in cleaning products or toiletries, experiencing skin reactions, breathing difficulties, nausea or headaches. The reactions are made worse when it is an aerosol as the fine mist is easily inhaled.’

The labels on deodorant aerosols instruct not to use them in a confined space but what is shown in fine print is never read. Besides, it is difficult to expect people to go out in the open to spray their bodies.

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