Mangaluru: ZP and TP Polls – Section 144 Imposed at Counting Centers 

Mangaluru: Deputy commissioner A B Ibrahim imposed section 144, 200 meters in and around all counting centers in the district. The counting of ZP and TP polls in Mangaluru is being held at the Mahatma Gandhi Centenary Memorial School, Bondel on February 23.

On February 23, the counting of the polls will begin at 8 am. All kind of celebrations by the winning candidates has been banned in the surrounding area of the counting centers. Since supporters of the candidates from various party’s will gather at the counting center and to avoid any untoward incidents taking place and to maintain the law and order, section 144 has been imposed.

On February 23, while the winning candidates celebrate their victory there are chances of clashes between them and their opponents. In order to avoid such incidents taking place the district administration has banned Vijayotsava or any kind of protests or processions near the counting centers.

Section 144 will be imposed in 200 mtr of the counting centers throughout the district from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm on February 23. When the section 144 is in force, shouting of slogans in the public and criticizing other party is banned. Carrying weapons, pistols or guns are also banned. Carrying or exhibiting Effigies or posters is also prohibited.

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