Manipal: Kumta Tanker Blast Incident – 2 patients recovering at hospital, one discharged

Manipal: Three patients of the Kumta Tanker Blast incident were undergoing treatment at the Kasturba Hospital, Manipal. One patient was discharged on 18 September.
The driver had suffered fractures in his right femur and left tibia and also had injuries on his chest area. He underwent 3 Orthopedic surgeries, one Thoracic procedure and two skin grafts. He has now been shifted to the normal ward and his condition is stable.
The other patient who suffered burn injuries and was undergoing treatment is stable and is positively responding to medications. He has been interacting with family members and is improving.
In a tragic incident which occurred near Kumta on Tuesday, September 1 morning around 5.30 am at Kumta, a bullet tanker loaded with liquefied petroleum gas toppled on the main road and exploded. Out of the 14 patients, 13 patients had suffered severe burn injuries and the driver suffered trauma injuries. Two in-patients had minor burn injuries and had availed treatment locally.

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