Manipal: Social media is Correcting Lost Creditability of Media Houses – Dr Subash Chandra

Manipal: Social media is correcting the lost creditability of media houses said Dr Subash Chandra, Chairman Essel group. He was addressing the mediapersons at Hotel Fortune Inn Valley, Manipal, here on June 29. Dr Subash Chandra is in Manipal for his production of education based series ‘Dr Subash Chandra Show’.

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Entrepreneurial skills should be developed among students in India as employment generation is facilitated. India had rupees 50,000 crore reserves during Independence but today the government is paying debt of 21%. Government collects money from public in the form of taxes but while it comes for spending, most of the money is stolen by our system.

How long we will continue borrowing from others and repay their debts. There is a need to promote entrepreneurship among the students as there will be employment generation which will benefit the national exchequer at large, he added.

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Dr Subash Chandra then interacted with the students of TMA Pai Management Institute, Manipal.

Dr Subash Chandra, Chairman of Essel Group of Companies is amongst the leading lights of the global media and entertainment industry. A self-made man, and a true visionary, Dr Subash has consistently demonstrated his ability to identify new businesses and lead them on the path of success. Dr Subash launched country’s first satellite television Zee TV in 1992 and later the first news channel Zee News.

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