Married Man and Spinster Go Missing from Yenekal – Elopement Suspected

Subrahmanya: A curious case of two persons – a male and a female – having gone missing at a time has been reported from Yenekal near here.

But what is more intriguing is that the man is married but the woman is not.

Mohit Jenukodi is a national-level, accedited volleyball umpire. He is a married man. Soumya (name changed), hailing from Markanja, lived in relative Parla Balakrishna Gowda’s house to help the family with household chores.

On Mar 20, she left home in the morning and has not returned. Neither has she gone to her parental home.

Around the same time, Mohit too has gone missing. His family members have verbally informed the police. Balakrishna has filed a written complaint in the Subrahmanya police station.

Since the two houses are adjacent to each other, there are suspicions that they have eloped

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