Mass beef eating fest held in Mysuru, cops detain two

Mass beef eating fest held in Mysuru to protest Una incident; cops detain two

Bengaluru (ZN): Mysuru Police on Sunday detained two persons for allegedly carrying beef to the ‘beef fest’ organized in Mysuru on Sunday.

The Mysuru Dalit Welfare Trust today organised a mass beef eating event at Town Hall to protest against the public flogging of Dalits in Una, Gujarat last month.

The trust said that they would have a dish made of cow-meat, and not that of any other bovine.

However, as per ANI, no permission was granted for beef festival to be organised by Dalit organisations condemning Una’s Dalit beating incident.

The Mysuru Police detained two people for carrying beef to Town Hall. They were picked up as soon as they alighted, a source told media.

The Una incident shot into national spotlight where a group of Dalit individuals were brutally thrashed in public for allegedly skinning a cow which was already dead.

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