MCC Raids Shops, Seizes Plastic Bags

Mangaluru: MCC officials conducted a raid to check the effectiveness of plastic ban in the Central market here, on April 27.

8 MCC officials conducted the raid including Health Officer Dr Manjayya Shetty, MCC official Nirmala and two Environmental Engineers.

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Speaking to one of the traders said, “As per the notice received by us, only plastic carry bags were banned and grocery bags are allowed. Today the officials have seized grocery bags as well. How else will the consumers carry the goods?” said .

“The notification says only sealed grocery bags are allowed, but the traders are using these grocery bags as a substitute to carry bags. Enough awareness was spread with banners and advertisements. School children had held a rally to spread awareness,” said an official.

“This is just a raid to deter the traders from using plastic and no cases will be booked today,” Nirmala added.


  1. Ban on plastic bags? What will happen to Praveena’s ‘HappaLa’ business? I guess he will have to switch from plastic to old Udayavaani paper!!!

    • What will happen to Praveena’s ‘HappaLA business?” – Rampa

      Oh! And what happened to my ‘Beedi business’? Did some Venkatesha M. Pai take it over?

      Once it is Beedi business, at another time when you wake up from your stupor (from the wrong side of the bed, of course!), it is ‘gujjiri’ business and now – when you start hallucinating – it is “HappaLa’ business!

      Just make up your mind (if you happen to have one – that is), ya, Rampa. 🙂 Good luck!

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