McDonald’s to invest over Rs 700 crore to expand

McDonald’s to invest over Rs 700 crore to expand

Panaji, June 27 (IANS) McDonald’s will invest Rs 700-750 crore over the next few years to expand its chain in India, especially in emerging cities and towns, a senior company official said on Monday.

The global fastfood chain’s vegetarian menu, specifically designed for India, has also found takers in Singapore and the Middle East, Ranjith Paliat, Vice-President, business operations, McDonald’s India (West and South), said.

He said Indian food items like samosa or dosa on the McDonald menu would depend on customer feedback.

“Our customers keep giving us feedback on the way forward,” Paliat told IANS when asked if McTikki, an adaptation of the predominantly north Indian ‘aloo-tikki’, could possibly see competition in the form of McSamosa or McDosa in the future.

India was the first market where McDonald’s introduced a vegetarian menu soon after the Illinois-headquartered company set up operations in the country in 1996.

“It was tried out in Singapore and it was tried out in the Middle East. The products taken there were aloo-tikki and McVeggie. So with growing vegetarianism, there is an interest in what we are serving and how can they take it,” Paliat said.


  1. If McDonald’s have decided to invest Rs. 700 to 750 in the next few years, clearly reveals that Indian Market is McKenna’s Gold for them.

    I do not know why people have hooked on to junk food, which is very bad for health.

  2. They should introduce Idli, chapati, dosa, samosa and other popular items. There is a large market waiting in India for those who can offer hygienic food at reasonable price. For people like joker Praveena Pinto, visiting a local McDonalds would be the closest american experience they can dream of!! LOL LOL

    • Look at this mouthwatering Dosa stand in London run by British guys?? Mouthwatering… – Namma Rampe

      Well, do you plan to do ‘padhimooji’ to London next? Well, it must be easy post your ‘padhrad’ to Yumreeka.

      And hey, plz don’t tell me that you gave up your ‘Alsande bargar’ with ‘Ambuli soce’ in Nimma Yumreeka. Smiles…

  3. Mr. Original R. Pai,

    It was quite interesting to see two English ladies and a man preparing their old version of masala dosa in a kiosk and from what little I saw, they are doing a roaring business. If one has a will and a fertile imagination, then everything is possible and sky is the limit. I presume each dos cost P. 1/-.

  4. “For people like joker Praveena Pinto, visiting a local McDonald’s would be the closest American experience they can dream of!! – Namma Yumreeki Rampe

    Hello, Rampa,

    It’s time for me to sit in my ‘confessional bawx’ with you through the meshed screen. Ahem. 😉

    You see, my ONLY Yumreeki exp has been by way of watching Mackenna’s Gold for starters. I was HOOKED. And when I say “hooked”, I mean – hook, line and sinker! I watched plenty of Hollywood from thence.

    But then you see, you dropped in out here like a ……… and well, you kept posting links and ‘more’ episodes (copy-pasted names the latest entrants into Mackenna’s Club). Hint: MIA jokers cum morons who do it for a few rs/DHS more.

    I was EVEN more hooked. And as I told you some 2 years back, I sold off my TV, set-top box, DVD player, ‘meejick’ system, books and I latched-on to your jokes and other ‘entertainment’. And by ten thousand thundering typhoons (Hint: Capt. Haddock – Tintin), I have no regrets at all!

    So, do I need your McDonaldaaaa? Man.. ramPanna, I have YOU, your videos and Jokes. WHAT else could poor provinee’ ask for?

    And, hey, have you read this stuff about how your ‘Frankenbird’ peddlers from Yumreeka use oil for 16 days – in India – at least that’s what we know for now? Well, they are in some soup over it until matters can be literally CLARIFIED further.

    Our poor Rampa from across the pond. He is SO IMMERSED with his Rapeeka, rapeeza….. et al. Good going ya Rampa. 🙂

  5. I think McDonald’s should come out of the box and introduce Indian snacks as someone mentioned earlier. They have McDonald’s University in Oak brook, Illinois where they do research on every food they introduce. I think they can be competitors for Diana, Taj Mahal, Kamath Hotels, Das Prakash and other Upidi Hotels. They can even make better rim-jim coffee and Thuppa Dasa than that filthy joint in Kalladka. Hygiene is the one thing people are craving for now-a-days along with the taste. McDonald’s can delivery it.

  6. In less than 70 yrs, Praveena Pinto’s masters have gone from Viceroy to Dosa makers!! Apparently Joker and his self-hating Beef Club members haven’t received the memo!! They are still singing ‘dinka-dinka’ songs and spewing anti-brahmana/anti-hindu hatred to please their master long gone!!! It’s the same anti-sanathana mindset forcing these illiterates to keep mum on vimaana nildaaana characters!! Funny but sad!!!

    • “In less than 70 yrs, Praveena Pinto’s masters have from viceroy to Dosa makers!!” – Joker RamPanna

      Some great men said the following:

      1. “Labor is prior to, and independent of capital. Capital is only the fruit of labor, and NEVER could have existed if labor hadn’t existed first. Labor is the superior of capital, and deserves much higher consideration”. – Abe Lincoln, Venkkaiah Naidu, Cycle Gadkari, ‘Thai’ Sushma Swaraja or Micheal Jacko (Take your pick).

      2. Labor is the great producer of wealth. It moves all OTHER causes”. – Subramian Swami, Garnab Arswami, Sundar Pichai, Naleen Kumara Kateela or Daniel Webster? (take your pick)

      Well, the bedrock of the US/Western way of life is – Dignity of Labor. So why are you cribbing, ya, Rampa? Hate being a drover out on the range, for Buffalo Bill(a), eh? C’mon, man. You should have thought about it before jumping the Y2K bandwagon armed with your 3 week crash course in MS Excel and Word. 🙂

    • “.. rant rant…… to keep mum on vimaana nildaaaaaaaanaaaaa characters!!” – Namme Nairobi (Kudla’da) Rampe.

      Lolol! have you read the dailymail today? Well, if at all you do know how to READ, just look up stuff on what Hans Blix said about Tony Blair and how he misrepresented facts on Saddam Hussein’s WOMD’s. Well, at this stage, I won’t EVEN go into stuff about what your Bush joker did. the TRAGEDY is unfolding all over.

      Yes, blame me. My allegedly rejected Yumreeki visa caused this. My alleged hatred for the SD groups caused this. (Vaa onji Rampe maraya imbe?)

      But you poor fella.. sadly, you have your nose stuck up some….. sniff out Mackennas Gold. Good luck. Hope you don”t need otrivin to clear up the muck post a good round of sniffing. 😉

  7. “Dignity of Labor” writes joker Praveena pinto after failing to understand the main point from my previous post.

    Understanding the implied meaning is not your cup of tee, Is it? LOL Now, when I say ‘cup of tea’, I didn’t really mean a cup of tea!! Don’t come back and ask me for a cup of coffee or kashaaaya!!! LOL LOL LOL When I made a brilliant observation (yes, I said brilliant) of your foreign masters going from holding Viceroy position to selling a product of the same colony in the streets of London, the capital of once a mighty empire, I was referring to an extreme change in reality and power equation in less than 70 years. It is was also a symbolic reference to ‘Beef Club’ and its delusional perception of reality that doesn’t exist anymore. Then again, I understand how much of a challenge it is to explain logic to a fruit fly!!! LOL LOL After all, you are the one who took several months to understand a simple ‘Biriyaani’ reference!!! smiles…

    • …Implied meaning is not your cup of yea, is it? Lol….. rant.. rave.. blah blah… Now, when i say ‘cup of tea’, I didn’t really mean a cup of tea!! .. foreign masters holding Viceroy position to selling a product of same colony…. ” – Yumreeki Joker Rampu

      By “tea”, I guess you meant THE ‘Chaiwallah’! 🙂 Anyway….

      Lol…. I knew you were ‘brilliant’ all this long. But after this particular post (and esp noting your nose for ferreting out Mackennas gold outta posterior orifices belonging to morons from God’s own Country), I have to upgrade to you creme de la creme – Numero Uno – on par – if not above Stephen Hawking and Einstein.

      Listen, you twerp of a Joke – You talk about “masters holding Viceroy positions”. And in your shitty video, it shows some common folks frying dosas. So, does one infer that ALL your masters were viceroys? Were there no common folk around when those Viceroys gallivanted around – all thanks to the DIVIDED people of your AKHANDA BHARATHA?

      Those 2 ladies in the video you posted…. WERE their grandpops Viceroys too? WHAT crap you keep talking about, ya, Rampa. Tell you what, Rampu. isn’t it time you move on from sniffing Mackennas Gold?

      Smell some Dosas next – From Taj Mahal whenever your Billy boy allows you fly out. Cheers.

  8. ..Implied meaning…… lah dee dah.. blan blah….your phoreen masters going from holding Viceroy position to selling a product of same colony…. I made a BRILLIANT observation….- Sir RampaNNA

    Lol, by that BRILLIANTLY silly comment you have TRULY earned up to the name of RampaNNA. Makes one to ask:

    Were ALL the Brits holding positions of Viceroys some 70 years back? No right?

    So, some landed gentry Jokers went on to become some Viceroy and there you cut to 70 – 80+ years down the line, post some video of 2 Brit lasses frying dosas. Lol! Were there no poor or working class people in Britain prior to Indian Independence? Ok, those days they weren’t frying Medhu Vadas & Dosas….. but as sure as the ridiculous bells on your RSS skirt (darn… I can’t call it shorts or even a kilt for that matter!), weren’t some of them frying fish and chips?

    The ONLY difference now is that it is a Dosa that they are frying. Nothing denigrating in that. Well, it is all thanks to multiculturalism and the presence of plenty of Indian Diaspora out there.

    Lol! Viceroy to Dosa ‘fryer’, eh? A truly BRILLIANTLY silly ob.. obb.. obbb observation! A standing ovation for a cracker of a joke for our RampaNNA, plz.

  9. Joker Pinto still struggles to understand my earlier post as he has the tendency to take things literally!! Is he autistic? Who knows!! As I have already pointed out at least twice, I was referring to shift in power. Take a look – A guy of Indian origin has become London’s mayor. (Remember – Pakistan didn’t exist before 1947). Some individuals of Indian origin living in UK are richer than Queen Victoria!! The cultural shift has been tremendous causing major change in power equation! Praveena can understand this only when he cuts down his beef consumption!! smiles…

  10. Mr. Praveen Pinto,

    I suggest that you read “Narendra Modi: A Political Biography” by Andy Marino. You will lke it and find it very interesting and gripping.

    • Thanks for the suggestion, Mr. Nelson. However, I will pass the opportunity. Know why? The very same chap today had the temerity to say – “I’m very much PAINED” over the Dhaka terrorist attacks (condemnable as they are) and till date, all he has had to say about the Godhra riots has been “Kutta, billi, gaadi ke aage girega to…, action-reaction, constipation….” etc.

      No sir, me no needs to read about no ‘wife-ditcher’! Our Rampa on the other hand must have already distributed a 100 copies to his overseer – Buffalo Bill(a). 😉

  11. As I have already pointed out at least twice, I was referring to shift in power. – Maha Joker Yumreeki RampaNNA

    Loloool! LMAO!

    Thyampa posts a video of 2 Brit lasses frying Dosas, throws in the word “mouthwatering”. Later, when I asked thyampu if he plans to do “padhimooji” to London, he brings in some Viceroy and tries to equate them with some lasses frying Dosas. And when questioned further, he does some Taqiyya and says he was referring to “shift in power”.

    In some other post, he refers to a video where some chap is wearing a blue shirt (note: the color is NOT important here) and our man, Rampa, says the man is wearing a Blue shirt and says he made a BRILLIANT observation. No wonder I’m LMAO! Such jokes… repeatedly.. day in & day out! Phew! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Know what, dear Rampa? From today, I’m gonna modify the Lord’s prayer a bit. So, instead of merely saying – “……Give us this day our daily bread..”, I’m gonna include “Give us today our daily bread AND RAMPA’s JOKES…”. I’m quite positive that nobody would mind. After all, there are no blasphemy laws in India.

    May God bless you, Rampa. 🙂 Say, did amazon deliver your Rapidex? At least then, you could comprehend what I write. 😉

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