Mevani’s Statement on Pankti Bheda was not appropriate during Chalo Udupi -Lolaksha

Mevani’s  Statement on Pankti Bheda was not appropriate during Chalo Udupi -Lolaksha

Mangaluru: “The statement on Pankti Bheda by Jignesh Mevani during the ‘Chalo Udupi’ has created confusion in the minds of Hindus, let his statement not be taken in negative spirit by our Hindu brothers and let there be a healthy debate”, said social activist Lolaksha in a press meet held at Hotel Woodlands here on October 18.


Addressing the media persons Lolaksha said, “On October 9, the Dalita Damanithara Swabhimani Horata Samiti organized “Chalo Udupi”, with the slogan of “Food is our choice and land is our right”. But during the Chalo Udupi, the agenda was not according to the slogan, it took another twist where the convener of the Dalit Atyachar Ladtha Samiti, Una Gujarat Jignesh Mevani delivered a speech saying that if Pankti Bheda will not be stopped within two months we will enter the Sri Krishna Math in Udupi. There is no clarity in his statement because the purpose of the Chalo Udupi campaign was not served”.

Lolaksha further said that the main agenda of the Chalo Udupi was the land rights for Dalits, but when the jatha reached Udupi the choice over food became the main issue.

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After independence, the executive, the legislature and the judiciary did not function smoothly because of which the situation of the Dalits even today is pathetic. Instead of highlighting the pathetic state of Dalits, the organizers highlighted the victims who were killed in the hands of cow protectors, and those killed did not belong to the Dalit community. The consumption of beef was not the main issue, the organizers failed to highlight the issue of land rights for the Dalits.

In the concluding ceremony of Chalo Udupi, the convener of the Dalit Atyachar Ladtha Samiti Jignesh Mevani warned the Pejawar Swamiji of gheraoing the Math if he would not stop the Pankti Bheda in two months. The warning is a violation of the constitutional rights of the Udupi Math’s administration. People have their own ways of practicing their tradition and culture. No one is forcing anyone to follow any tradition. The Hindu community should not take his statement seriously. said Lolaksha.


Lolaksha also said, “According to Pejawar Swamiji, in Udupi Math, there is no Pankti Bheda, but for some Brahmins who want to have meals separately, there are facilities for them. I don’t have any objection if anyone wants to have lunch separately. It is their Math and we do not have any right to oppose, but the government can interfere and stop such traditions”.

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