Minister Ramanath Rai Inaugurates Newly Constructed Kadri-Nanthur Road

Minister Ramanath Rai Inaugurates Newly Constructed Kadri-Nanthur Road

Mangaluru: The newly constructed concrete road from Kadri to Nanthur was inaugurated by District Minister In-charge, Ramanath Rai by cutting the ribbon along with MLA JR Lobo here, on April 18.

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Speaking on the occasion, Rai said, “Various concrete roads in Mangaluru are being built under the Chief Minister’s Rs 100 crore special fund. This particular road is 350 meters in length and built at a cost of Rs 285 lakhs. The road will further be extended till Nandigudda where the construction work is underway. Further in the next phase, we will construct drainage and footpaths for these roads.”

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Lobo said, “This road is built in the third phase of the Rs 100 crore grant. Earlier the PVS to Urwa Store concrete road was the lengthiest. But this Nanthur to Nandigudda road will surpass it and will be lengthier. It will be a model road. Footpaths will be constructed and already a proposal to build footpaths at Kankanady are submitted to MCC. Mangaluru will be beautiful once the work is completed. I congratulate the Mayor, council members, and officials who have shown great enthusiasm in this work and also the contractor, Sudhakar Poonja who has done a wonderful job.”


Mayor, Harinath, MCC Commissioner HN Gopalkrishna, Former Deputy Mayor, Purushottam Chitrapur and others were also present.

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