Mishap Update : Fisherwoman Saves Children’s Lives!

Mishap Update : Fisherwoman Saves Children’s Lives!

Mangaluru: As citizens continued discussing the mishap in which a 2C route bus to Jokatte was involved near the State Bank bus terminus on Thursday, those present at the spot gave further minute details of the incident.

The driver of the bus had parked it by the side of the road without its handbrake locked and gone to have tea. It was an act of negligence of the first order.


After it suddenly moved and crashed into a shop and the police arrived, the driver is said to have coolly walked in with a smile, without a bit of remorse on his face.

Four or five school-children were in front of the bus. A fisherwoman who saw the bus suddenly move without sound is said to have alerted them and saved their lives.

Another person said that she actually ran to them, grabbed them and pulled them aside to save them. She has remained unidentified.

The eyewitness said that it was up to the police to find her and honour or reward her.

Mishap report:

Negligence of Driver – Bus Crashes into Shop

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