Missing Jewellery

""Name:  Kevin D’Souza
Age : 11 years
Father’s Name:  Stany D’Souza
Mother’s Name:  Lynette D’Souza
Sister: Rovina D’Souza
Place of Residence: Dubai

Kevin is studying in Grade 6 at St. Mary’s High School, Dubai.  He loves Singing and has bagged many prizes in Konkani Singing competitions. He also loves to play cricket & karate.

My sister says i am a very good story teller, so i wrote one more for you!

John and Tim Smith were the sons of the great detective Peter Smith who solved many cases. One dark and lonely night John and Tim went cycling up the hill for a ride. On the way they passed by a jewellery shop. As they were returning, they saw a man jumping out of the window of the jewellery shop. He was running carrying with him a bag of gold ornaments.  They tried to stop him and chased him for sometime but he was too quick and managed to escape. 

The next day all newspapers had the headlines ?Robbery in the jewellery shop at midnight.? Tim and John wanted to solve the mystery and find out who was behind it.  They went to the place where the robbery began. The jewellery shop was sealed by the police.  They went up to the jewellery shop owner and told him what they had seen the previous night.  The jeweller rushed to the police with the boys and the policeman listened attentively to John?s story.  The policeman told the boys to call him if they saw anything suspicious again. Then the boys went to meet their friend Bill. On the way Tim tripped on a hard object. Tim got up and saw that he had tripped on something that was partially buried.  They unearthed it and found a bag.  Tim opened the bag and found some jewellery. They were excited.  They called the police. The policemen arrived immediately.  Tim handed over the bag to them.  The policemen said that there was very little jewellery in the bag, there should be more.  So the policemen joined John & Tim in their search.  After sometime Tim exclaimed ?Look at the foot prints?.  Everyone ran to Tim and they followed the footprints. It led to an old house. The police looked through the window and saw a man filling a suit case with gold ornaments.  They banged the door open. The police saw the man running from the back door. The thief managed to escape.  They took the gold ornaments and gave it back to its owner.
The next day Tim and John went to the beach. It was very hot so John went to buy an ice cream. When he returned he saw the same thief dragging Tim into his car.  Before John could reach he drove off.  John followed him quickly on his bicycle.  The thief stopped at a building and went inside dragging Tim.  John watched him from a distance and then slowly followed him.  John looked through the window and saw that there were many other people with him.  Tim was tied to the chair.  He called the police and told him of what happened.  The police men arrived immediately.  They rescued Tim and arrested the thieves. Peter Smith was extremely happy to hear that his sons helped the police to solve the case of the missing jewellery.

Author: Kevin DSouza- Dubai