‘Missing on a Weekend’ character has different shades: Pavan Malhotra

‘Missing on a Weekend’ character has different shades: Pavan Malhotra

Mumbai, Aug 18 (IANS) Actor Pavan Malhotra, who is gearing up for the release of his forthcoming film “Missing on a Weekend”, says that he is not playing a typical policeman in the upcoming investigative thriller and that his character has many shades to it.

“My character is interesting. It is not like a policeman who would turn his stick around or the one who sticks his cap on the chest. There are different shades in my character,” Pavan told IANS.

He plays a CBI officer in the film, who is tasked with a high-profile case of figuring out the whereabouts of some members of a group of youngsters, who suddenly go missing in Goa on a trip to celebrate a friend’s birthday of their friends. One of them gets killed and one is found injured, against the backdrop of the drug mafia ruling in the area.

“It’s an interesting film. The thing with whodunit is that when you see a murder mystery and the audience feels who might have committed the murder, so it depends a lot on how the film is made and how is the flow,” he said.

The actor is more than happy to be a part of “Missing on a Weekend”, which is slated to release on 26 August after a strenuous battle with the censors.

The film, directed by Abhishek Jawkar, also stars Dishank Arora, veteran singer Hariharan’s son Karan among others.

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