MIT-K students come up with innovative distillation unit

Kundapur: Students from the Electrical and Electronics branch (Vinutha N R, Sowmini K and Sheikh Saad Mohideen) of Moodlakatte Institute of Technology have come up with an innovative project of a solar powered water distillation unit.

project - mitk

Acknowledging the water problem faced by the district this year, the students of MIT-K have designed a low-cost water distillation unit which uses solar power. It can produce about 8 to 10 liters of pure water each day.

The unit will be a boon for poor people who cannot afford costly water purifiers currently available in the market. This unit costs less than Rs 3,000. The materials required for the unit are available locally and can be assembled within a short period of time.

Moreover, this does not require electricity as it uses solar power, which is available free of cost. The project was guided by Prof Satish S Amsadi, HOD of E&E Department. The project was commended by the principal, Dr Mohandas Bhat.

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