MLA Lobo inaugurates high mast lights in Kadri Park

MLA Lobo inaugurates high mast lights in Kadri Park

Mangaluru: MLA J R Lobo inaugurated the high mast lights at Kadri Park here, on July 3.

After inaugurating the high mast lights, Lobo said that people of all ages come to Kadri Park for a jog or walk. “In the late evening, it is very difficult for people to walk in the park. People were complaining of the poor lighting facility in the park, and were demanding to fix more lights. When the Pumpwell Circle was demolished, the high mast lights were removed from there. They did not serve any purpose, so we thought of using the high mast lights in the Kadri park and today we have inaugurated it,” said Lobo.

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He also said that the government has sanctioned Rs 5 crore to construct a musical fountain in the deer park and the work is under progress. “The work will be completed soon. The state government has also sanctioned Rs 80 lakh for a children’s train and the funds have been provided to the Women and Child Development department. We also have plans for the physically challenged children and the government has agreed to provide the necessary funds. We want to make the Kadri Park a model so that people from around the world can come here and spend some leisure time along with their family.”

Mayor Harinath speaking on the occasion said, “MLA J R Lobo is the founder of Pilikula Nisargadhama. He had identified 500 acres of land in Moodushedde and made a beautiful park in Pilikula. Now people from around the world can come to Pilikula, which is a pride of Mangaluru. Lobo is also striving hard to develop Kadri Park.” Harinath also suggested that MLA Lobo deserves to get a national award and his name should be recommended for the same.

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Former Mayor Mahabala Marla, Corporator Lancelot Pinto,  Arun Coelho and others were also present.

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  1. I don’t think it is a priority to install high mast lights at the park, rather it should have been installed at the Nanthur Junction. The reason being once darkness falls, the visibility falls. It is dark, especially for the pedestrians. This junction being such an important one, there are no lights, no signals, the only illumination is from the hoarding. Otherwise it would be pitch dark. I don’t understand why this junction is being ignored.

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