Modi hopes for a fruitful monsoon session

New Delhi, July 21 (IANS) Prime Minister Narendra Modi hoped that a lot of “good decisions” will be taken during parliament’s monsoon session that began on Tuesday.


Ahead of the parliament session, Modi hoped that a lot of good decisions will be taken and “maximum decisions” will take place.

He said that an all party meeting was held on Monday in which it was decided to take important decisions together to take the country forward.

The prime minister said that he was grateful for the support from the political parties.


  1. The planted headline on ToI today screams: “Sushma ready for debate on Lalitgate, but oppn wants her to quit”.

    The globetrotter’s mob busy planting stories in newspapers is desperately trying to give a positive spin to the most horrendous thing a leading member of the Government can commit: that of actually helping a serious criminal.

    Anyone with an ounce of decency would have quit a long time ago.

    But how can a term called decency be associated with the globetrotter’s mob?

    They have proven to be rogues in several matters.

    In the meantime we hear the Australian aborigines are posing to be serious challenge to the globetrotter’s instant billionaire friend who pays 3% tax in Mauritius.

    But, as expected, there are still a few left, including one on this forum, who still find something special about the globetrotter’s mob.

    May heavens bless them. They are beyond human reasoning.

  2. Sri Modiji wants to take country forward. He is exact opposite of what we had before under Congress. However, for some characters (Manga, Pincode Pai etc), partisan hatred trumps national welfare. They would rather see country fail if it means securing more votes in next round of election.

    • Dear Original RSS Duplicate Paimaam, there is a saying “Those who sow wind, would reap whirlwind”!

      You, your BJP and RSS would reap what you all were busy sowing last ten years. Have a taste of it. Good-luck!

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