Modi was not voted to power for development’

Modi was not voted to power for development’

Kolkata, July 10 (IANS) Describing the Gujarat development model as “crony capitalism” journalist-author Rana Ayyub on Sunday said Narendra Modi was voted to power to “carry the Hindutva agenda ahead”.

Speaking at the launch of her book “Gujarat Files”, Ayyub said under the Modi-led Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) regime, “Islamophobia” was on the rise in the country.

“Make no mistake, that people of the country did not vote for him for development. They believed in him because they knew that his man would carry the Hindutva agenda ahead,” said Ayyub who in her book has given an explosive expose of the 2002 Gujarat riots.

“For me, the Gujarat development formula was very simple- soft Hindutva and crony capitalism. The practice that was in Gujarat, we now see it in Delhi. Its the exact replica of what happened in Gujarat,” she said.

She attributed “communal polarisation” behind the BJP’s electoral successes and claimed that under the Modi regime, “Islamophobia” was gaining ground.

She also slammed the Congress as “no better than the BJP”.

“The Congress is as bad as the BJP. The Congress was responsible and complacent in the Mumbai riots of 1992-93. I don’t think that the Congress is doing any better than what the BJP is doing,” she added.


  1. If this Raanaa Ayoob is a ‘journalist-author’, our joker Pinto is Einstein!! LOL LOL Remember, this is the same Rana Ayoob who worked for Tehelka!! smiles..

    The civilized world has hardly recovered from the mindless violence by practitioners of peace and this character is already out there screaming ‘Islamophobia’!!!Look how she is referring to incidents from 1992 and 2002!! Not even a single word on carnage from last week!! On her twitter account, she is busy comparing the kashmiri terrorist to Bhagat Singh and shedding tears for every terrorist killed by Indian army!!!

    On a separate note, look what Europe is doing to handle this virus. If India does anything similar, the ‘Beef Club’ will make a big deal calling Modiji every single name!!! However, when the european masters do it, not even a single word!!

  2. Ten people from Kasaragodu have joined ISIS. Instead, we are talking about Raana Ayub’s ‘gujaraat files’ that didn’t even meet the low journalistic standards of Tehelka!!!!

  3. How did these kids get radicalized? Were they watching Dr. Zakir Naik’s rabid speeches on the Youtube, because I do not think he personally made any speeches from any place in Kerala?

    What were the parents doing? Sleeping! In a way, they are responsible.

    No sensible person, who knows anything about ISIS and the crimes they perpetrated, including rapes and other sordid things they are involved in, will have anything to do with them. From the media reports, one comes to learn that youths that have joined them have been killed, injured or maimed for life, not been provided with medical treatment, not paid salaries, etc. Joining ISIS is not like touring the French Riviera, Cote d’Azure, Switzerland and other holiday and pleasure locales.

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