Mohan Agashe to play PM in ‘Yeh Hai India’

Mumbai, June 1 (IANS) Veteran actor Mohan Agashe, who has enacted pivotal roles in “Rang De Basanti”, “Gangaajal” and “Ab Tak Chhappan”, says he will play the country’s Prime Minister in “Yeh Hai India”, co-directed by first-timer Lom Harsh.

Agashe told IANS: “There is invariably a certain amount of risk involved with first-time directors. But Lom Harsh’s honesty and sincerity struck me instantly. The makers have put in a lot of effort to develop the script, especially to mould the characters brilliantly.”

He says the film’s story made him curious.

“I’m playing the character of a Prime Minister in ‘Yeh Hai India’. The character I am playing sounded extremely interesting, so I decided to give it a try. The director’s intention and motivation has led to a good story and I’m sure they will succeed at translating this story into a good film,” added the actor.

“Yeh Hai India” touches upon patriotism.

Harsh, the film’s co-director, says “the entire image of the nation relies on the shoulders of the Prime Minister and the image he wants to showcase to the world is what they (the others) believe”.

“As PM, Agashe employs his powers for the betterment of the country. His role is very prominent with every twist and turn of the story, controlled by the skills of the PM.”

“Yeh Hai India” will be jointly directed by Harsh and G.K. Yogesh, and jointly produced by Harsh and Sandeep Choudhary under the banner of DLB Films Pvt Ltd.

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