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""Name: Eileen Sylvia De Sousa
Parents Name: Diogo De Souza & Dr. Clara De Souza
School: Indian English Academy School (Don Bosco?s)
Sister name: Assia De Souza
Place of residence: Kuwait
Place of origin: Mallar-Divar, Bardez Goa

Money, Oh Money,
Isn?t it funny?
Look at the greedy,
They don?t give the needy.
I travel all around the world,
When people saw me they twirled,
I can be used to buy many things,
Oh! How much good luck it brings.
I have value everywhere,
Even here and even there,
I even come in notes,
People carry me in their coats.
I was made in a place called a mint,
It?s not the place where they make tint,
People love me a lot,
Only so sad that I cannot be bought.
People put me in their pockets,
Your might even find me in a locket,
Every one care about me,
Money makes every thing sunny.
People seek me everywhere,
But what can I do, I have to be fair,
Sometimes I am really well spent,
And especially when you use me to pay the rent.
I am made of pure metal,
I never really settle,
In every country I have a different name,
But I still have a lot of fame.


Author: Eileen Sylvia De Sousa- Kuwait

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