Monti Fest Celebrations in Perth, Australia

Monti Fest Celebrations in Perth, Australia

Australia: The Perth Konkans came together to celebrate the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Monti Fest) in a traditional way at St. Luke’s Parish, Woodvale, Perth on the 11th September 2016.

While the choir sang Konkani hymns, Fr Francisco Mascarenhas celebrated the mass in Konkani and emphasised in his homily the importance of carrying on the traditions and culture and passing it down to our children.

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Later all got together for a vegetarian meal that was cooked lovingly by the Perth Konkan families and was followed by a cultural feast of Rajasthani Dancing, Mando Singing, Tulu song, Kids doing their jig and enthralling the audience and a hilarious skit from the kids which had the audience in splits with their punch lines.

The event was compered by Delora Serrao and Sean D’Mello. Delma Suares thanked all those who contributed in their own way organising the event.

Roshan Fernandes
Perth, Australia

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