Moodbidri: Alva’s Virasat at New Venue in Vivekananda Nagar from Dec 24 to Dec 27

Moodbidri: For the better convenience and comfort of both artistes and art-lovers, the venue of the 22nd edition of Alva’s Virasat this year has been shifted from Alva’s Palace Grounds to Vanajakshi Shripati Bhat oper-air auditorium in Vivekananda Nagar in Puttige.

This step is likely to ease the traffic congestion in town during the event, scheduled to be held from Dec 24 to Dec 27, with two sessions on each day, Alva’s Education Foundation president Dr M Mohan Alva has said in a media release.

Puttige is located away from main town off Alangar. A massive stage 150 feet length, 40 feet width and 4 feet height is getting ready at the venue.

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